The dark clouds will disperse

Every life matters and every life is different but recently we have all experienced the same lifestyle restrictions because of the pandemic. For some, like NHS workers their lives have sped up but for the majority, it has slowed right down, so much so that sometimes we can’t even remember what day it is.

 A surge of kindness and goodwill…

A viral dark cloud is hanging over us and it’s easy to dwell on the many negatives but the dark clouds will disperse. A surge of kindness and goodwill has spread across the world since the outbreak and for some this time in lockdown has bought us closer to our family and friends. We have made time for each other using online platforms and we have walked with our children. The weather has been kind to us and nature appears to be thriving because there’s less pollution in the air.

Transparency in businesses…

Things will have become transparent for a lot of businesses, they will have recognised their essential key employees and the ease of working from home. There would have been and will be lots of changes in the way they run their business. Creativity and improvisation will have been a big part of their coping strategy through this deadly pandemic. Businesses are learning and adapting and new opportunities are arising.

The front liners…

We clap for the NHS workers and we are very grateful for all they do for us. We are thankful for cleaners, cashiers, shelf stackers and delivery drivers. We are grateful for carers and we must not forget the school teachers who look after the children of our front liners. They put their lives at risk in the classroom and they have to look after young children who could be scared and confused whilst their parents work.

The children…

We need to protect the children the best we can, it’s difficult to get a balance sometimes, you want to educate them about the disease but you don’t want to scare them even more. A lot of parents have had to become full-time teachers and education is important but this is also an ideal time to teach their children real-life skills. The things that teachers wish they could make time for in their school timetables. Simple skills such as organisation and planning – for example, preparing and cooking healthy meals or creating a fitness regime. Enjoying the garden and growing plants, caring for people in the community and sharing lovely pieces of artwork for people to put in their windows.

Sometimes children just need to go back to basics with maths and English to build their confidence and this is an ideal time to do that.

Even the disgruntled teenagers are making time to create TikTok videos with their families and pets. It might be time for you to let your hair down with the kids and try some of the simple micro dance routines. Children are creating Coronavirus time capsules and sending lockdown cards to each other and homes have beautiful rainbow drawings in their windows.

Mental health matters…

Even the strongest most stable human beings are being tested at this time and will admit it is a challenge. If you are struggling with the challenges of life at the moment you must reach out for help. You are not alone.

Financial worries…

We all have them to different degrees if you are struggling with debt we can help you.

The important things in life…

Your health and happiness are so important, moving forward keep that top of mind.

Stay safe.

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